Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the art of workout-scheduling

sometimes you gotta try things to find out they wont work right -
i had to make some adjustments in my workout schedule when i recently realized that what i had planned is a bit too much for my current level of fitness and regeneration - things like this happen ;-)

i've been following coach sommer's gymnasticbodies foundation-programm for about half a year now making good progress (if you want to build awesome core-strength i can highly recommend the programm to you!) however when i started the new strength training a month ago i wasnt able to decently perform in my gymnastic-training - i was too exhausted an couldn't regenerate well. i often had to cancel or even skip units.

however i didnt want to completely quit - especially because i have also been practising the gymnasticsbodies handstand-series for 3 months already, quitting would throw me back way too far in my progression. (being able to perform a perfect handstand is one of my biggest goals!)

fortunately i found a solution yesterday when i switched monday's strength- workout and tuesday's gymnastics-session - simple as that! :-) on mondays i feel strong and fit, well regenerated from the weekend. gymnastic-training doesnt exhaust me as much as my strength-workouts so it should be no problem pushing hard on tuesday - issue solved.

my weekly schedule looks like this right now:

mondays: gymnastics 1 or 2 + handstand
tuesdays: strength
wednesdays: strength
thurdays: freestyle-swim training
fridays: restday
saturdays: strength
sundays: restday

optional: depending on my condition i'll be throwing in another gymnastics- and handstand-session during the week


what i love about my current diet: dessert yesterday... maybe?
let's call it the "sunken toffee chocolate-pudding of doom" <3
i simply dropped the toffees in the hot pudding, this made them melt into the chocolate-y goodness turning the whole thing into pure indulgence ;-)

i could feel guilty about this one - but hey, it fits my macros!

kcal 655 // protein: 4.3 // carbs: 132 // fat: 11
1 pkg. chocolate-pudding (i use organic pudding-powder with chocolate flakes)
400 ml rice-drink (unsweetened)
6 cream-toffees

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