Friday, October 2, 2015

let's get strong 2015/16

sooo this ist my first post in this bulking-season that has officially started for me yesterday. the upcoming 6 months i will focus on gaining strength and muscle :-) it's good to be "back in the game"

4 months of dieting were pretty tough, i wasn't able to make progress strength-wise but i got my body in shape which is also a good aspect - always one thing at a time, that's how you do.

before we start off i have to complete my last post!
showing you some changes after returning from my holidays.
the point is: not much has happened! XD

i announced that i expect some visible changes but i am a honest person so i am telling you: i was wrong. i am even 0.5 kg heavier than before - i expected to lose some weight due to less water retention after returning to a balanced diet but i completely disregarded the effects of massive muscle soreness after starting to workout again (which leads to even more water-retention) - that said i still wanna show you the pictures:

side-view looks a bit thinner, the rest appears to be somewhat fuller and a little firmer due to getting back my much missed "pump" from training. so what can i learn from this: a basic lesson that follows the saying "one bad meal won't make you fat just like one workout won't make you fit" - this even applies to my two weeks break, it didn't do any wrong on my body. just another hint to being consistent with keeping your body in shape period ;-)

here we go:

i am starting this "bulk" 3.6 kg heavier than i was after my diet and at approx. 20% bodyfat, just like i did in 2014 :-) you can compare the two picture series - upper body work seemed to work out for me ;-) really like how my back has developed.

of course it would have been best if i could have started with 18-19% bodyfat - the leaner you start a bulk the better your body builds muscle in a calorie-surplus but being lean simply isn't for me... i love eating too much for that :P

also i would like to point out the difference between my very first picture-series from april 2014 and yesterday - i am 2.7 kg heavier and my body has changed a lot - seeing this makes me really happy. as i said: consitency is the key. 

 you should not start to workout just for your "dream body" - start to get fit for a lifetime! the shape of your body will follow. honestly, screw all those "12 week workout programs", and all of those "flat belly diets" - this will never lead to any lasting results. it's the changes you make in your life, its your habits - its the love for your body and health that should make you work out on a regular basis and eat well to fuel your body. 


i think i already mentioned that i don't plan to get as fat as last winter where i consumed 2.600 kcal everyday. this time i'll start with the following macros:

 2.200 kcal 
 max. protein: 120 g // max. carbs: 299 g // max. fat: 52 

i'll only raise my calories when i notice that i am not making any strength-progress, this should help to avoid gaining unnecessary amounts of bodyfat while i should still be able to efficiently increase my strength.

following the IFFYM-principle i am gonna eat whatever i like and what fits my macros. i want to cut my sugars though and cosume even more complex carbohydrates this time.


my workout-week is scheduled as follows:

monday: strength
tuesday: weightlifting
wednesday: swimming
thursday: weightlifting
friday: rest
saturday: strength
sunday: rest

i'll do a separate post on my training schedules in detail soon as this would take too much space now. so i am gonna close with some booty-gains that were already there:

let's get strong and get things growing! haha 
yes, even the butt - i don't mid having a big booty :P

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